There is an obvious need for systematic study of Internet Governance, as more governments and international organisations strive to create successful Information Infrastructure policies, and turn the focal point of economic development to building knowledge-driven economies. This will result in new governance frameworks being adopted, as states begin to address concerns such as privacy and security from a networked perspective.

Members of the UIS are able to post information regarding their current projects on the research section of the UIS website. This in no way affects their proprietary rights on their work - it merely provides them with a forum to present their research designs/findings for discussion.



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Selected Topics

Internet Infrastructure Management

Electronic Commerce

National Governments and the Issue of Internet Control

Spread and Universal Access

Documents submitted to the UIS-team will first be examined to ensure that they meet the standards the UIS wants to safeguard. This is not an attempt to 'direct' research, but to encourage a similar format to the Unit's agenda.

The UIS envisages that the research section will be highly dynamic, due to the nature of the topic.

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