If you need further information on the UIS-network, its long-term research agenda or its current projects, please do not hesitate to contact the following persons:

Marc Holitscher
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Center for International Studies (CIS)
Seilergraben 49
ETH-Zentrum - SEI - F.4
CH-8092 Zurich

tel:+41 1 632 6363
fax:+41 1 632 1946

email: info (at) holychair.com

Jamal Shahin
International Institute of Infonomics
MERIT/ Universiteit Maastricht
PO BOX 616<
6200 MD
The Netherlands

tel: +31(0)45570 7690
fax: +31(0)84 220 6865

email: j.shahin@merit.unimaas.nl

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