The Unit for Internet Studies runs its own mailing list that is intended to serve as the main communication channel between its members. The principal aim of the list is to initiate debate on all aspects of Internet Governance and to pool corresponding research findings. Furthermore, the list constitutes an arena for members to announce related projects (conferences, workshops, etc) to their colleagues.

To learn more on how the discussion-list is organized, please refer to our statement of usage.

UIS members get free access to the list upon registration.

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Please do only send postings from your registered email-account to the list. Your registered account corresponds to the email-address on your personal member page. Submissions from other accounts will be bounced automatically by the list.

To unsubscribe from the list send mail to and include "unsubscribe internetstudies_l <your address>" in the body of the message. You can also notify the UIS-team in order to get removed from the list.

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